Last Oasis Flots

Last Oasis Flots

Last Oasis Flots

Flots are the main currency of the Last Oasis. Currently, they can only be acquired from the Trading Station. In order to get Flots, you have to either sell your items to the Trading Station for the standard price or sell them to other players for the prices that they're willing to pay. Of course, it also works the other way – you can use Flots to buy a lot of stuff from other players or directly from the Trading Station. While this is a full loot game, Flots are one of the few things that you're not going to lose when you die.

In order to collect large amounts of Flots all by yourself, you'd have to farm tons of valuable materials and later sell them. In Last Oasis, there are no real junk items. All your loot can be used in one way or another, so getting rid of your mats may not be the best idea. Instead, you can buy cheap Last Oasis Flots from the sellers at MMOAuctions! This way, you'll get to keep your valuable resources and increase your stock of the Last Oasis currency.   

Besides buying items and materials from other players through the Trading Station, Flots are necessary for one more critical aspect of the Last Oasis gameplay. You can spend them to unlock blueprints for higher levels of Walkers. These fantastic vehicles are a trademark of this great MMO, and developing them is one of the main objectives for every Last Oasis player. Buy extra Flots at MMOAuctions and spend them on getting the greatest Walker available!

The main difference, when compared to the standard MMORPG model, is that you can't get Flots through farming. Gathering items and killing NPC enemies in the open world can provide you with tons of valuable materials or even whole items, but it won't give you the currency.

It creates an interesting economy system where extra money isn't added to the market unless the players specifically decide to exchange their loot for the standard prices offered by the Trading Station. In this situation, the actual value of Flots can easily change over time. The same goes for market prices of various materials and items.

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Last Oasis – a revolutionary MMO

Many MMORPG fans have greatly anticipated the release of the Last Oasis. It's a breath of fresh air for a genre that seems to have already been figured out. Even if you're skeptical, you have to admit that the idea is quite interesting. Instead of the traditional focus on talent trees, armors, weapons, and character levels, the game emphasizes survival, constant travel and the incredible vehicles called walkers. Of course, there still are plenty of the standard MMORPG elements in it, but you can safely say that the Last Oasis stands out from the remaining online games.

In terms of setting, the game takes place on a post-apocalyptic Earth that stopped rotating. The remains of the human population have to continually move in order to outrun the blazing Sun and the unbearable heat. This is the only way that can allow people to survive. As you start the game, you will pilot a nomad that has been cast away from the major Flotilla. You're on your own, and you have to stay alive in a world full of danger. Besides the unyielding wave of deadly heat, you have to be mindful of the hostile NPC creatures called Rupus and, of course – other players.

As it's the case with many MMOs (some exceptions being Path of Exile and Diablo 3), the interactions with other players are an essential part of the Last Oasis content. The game is heavily focused on grouping together and cooperation. Players can form clans, and the numbers advantage is the best way to get an edge over other players and the remaining threats. The rivalries and wars between clans are some of the most exciting moments that the Last Oasis has to offer. It's especially true when both sides are evenly matched.

The game features an open-world PvP, which is a feature that a lot of MMORPG veterans miss. Last Oasis features only a few "safe zones," like the starting oases and the areas surrounding the Trading Stations. Outside of these safe areas, you can be attacked and killed. Moreover, your corpse and Walker also be looted. The vehicle can even get destroyed! You will respawn (if you have a supply of water, you can even respawn in your Walker), but the lost items are lost forever unless you get your revenge and take back your stuff, of course.

The main development of your character takes place through the Tech Tree. It's not a standard MMORPG – you're not going to get more health, strength, and resists as you level up. Instead, you can learn new skills and create better tools. There are five technology trees in the game: Vitamins, Equipment, Crafting, Construction, and Walkers. Developing them is essential since it will allow you to produce many valuable items and walker parts.

Last Oasis is a nomadic MMO game that focuses on survival and constructing the awesome wooden vehicles called walkers. The title has been released in early access in spring 2020. It has been developed and published by a studio called Donkey Crew. Currently, the game is only available on PC, but the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases are likely to happen in the future. Last Oasis Flots are the game's main currency. 


What is the main currency in the Last Oasis?

The main currency in the Last Oasis is called Flots.

What can I buy for the Last Oasis Flots?

Flots can be used to unlock higher level Walker upgrades and to buy items from other players in the Trading Station.

How to get Last Oasis Flots?

The only way to get Flots is to sell your items at the Trading Station (either directly to the station or to other players). The currency doesn't drop from NPC opponents in the open world.