Last Oasis Accounts

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Last Oasis Accounts

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Last Oasis Accounts

Last Oasis is a survival game that’s all about harvesting various resources and putting them to good use. However, these gathering trips are very dangerous, since you can get attacked by the NPC Rupus or hostile players. Moreover, it’s a basically full loot game, which means that all your progress can get entirely destroyed if someone kills you and loots your corpse.

Why are we talking about it? In order to show you how difficult it can be to get strong in Last Oasis. The early and mid-game become extremely difficult as soon as you leave the tutorial safe zone. That being said, you can skip most of these hindrances if you buy a combat-ready Last Oasis account!

It might not solve all the problems that you can face – Last Oasis is a difficult and challenging game, no matter what gear you have. That being said, owning a collection of powerful walkers and strong equipment will definitely come in handy in ensuring your survival. Even the character development through levels and Tech Tree can provide a significant advantage.

Beyond that, the players that got banned or somehow lost their accounts can use this as an opportunity to return to playing the game. However, keep in mind that Last Oasis accounts are bound to Steam, so you might have to relog on that platform in order to play this game. It’s not the perfect option, but it’s definitely better than not having the opportunity to play at all!

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Get a taste of nomadic life with Last Oasis

Last Oasis is a new survival MMO that takes place on a post-apocalyptic Earth. One large part of the planet is covered in ice, while another is an insufferably hot dessert. There’s only a narrow habitable patch between the two and it never stops moving. Players have to do the same thing if they want to survive!

They have to use the impressive wooden walkers to travel from one oasis to another and harvest the necessary resources as well as experience. These amazing vehicles are a trademark of this game – most of the new players are just trying to build the most expensive transport walker right away, even if it’s not the optimal thing to do. There are lots of other things to spend use your materials on and having 2-3 small or medium-size walkers is more than enough to do well in the game.

Most importantly, Last Oasis places a lot of emphasis on interactions between players. After all, it’s an open-world PvP with full loot – you can literally get rewarded for ganking another player, which means that every trip for resources can be really dangerous. If you really want to get strong and relatively safe, you have to be a part of an active clan. Besides being able to outnumber hostile players, you can get additional benefits. Clans can capture territories and collect the Trading Station tax.

Last Oasis is currently available in early access. The game has been developed and published by a small studio called Donkey Crew. At the moment, it’s only available on Windows. You can get it through the Valve Corporation's Steam.



Can I get a standalone Last Oasis account?

At the moment, all the Last Oasis accounts are Steam-bound.

How many members does a big Last Oasis clan have?

Depends on who you're asking, but the requirement to be a big clan is probably around 30-50 members.

How to develop a Last Oasis character?

You can progress through collecting experience for kills, unlocking new skills in the Tech Tree, and getting stronger gear.