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LOTRO Bots & Cheats

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Cheating in LotRO

Lord of the Rings Online is a relatively slow-paced, old school MMORPG with combat based on tab-targeting. Games like that provide a perfect opportunity for botting. However, there also have been quite a few other ways to cheat in LotRO. Let’s take a look at the most popular types of software.

Bots – the simplest way to get an advantage in MMORPGs like this. You can minimize your downtime and have a bot farming gold and valuable items when you’re asleep or AFK. Of course, this program won’t be the smartest and most efficient player that you have ever seen, so keep that in mind while choosing where to send it. You can program an exact farming route that the bot is going to take. We recommend choosing a relatively easy area, to make sure that it won’t die while fighting the NPC opponents. You can also use a bot for fishing.

You can even get the software with some more advanced features. There are bots that can sell the junk items when their inventory gets close to full. You can even program some generic responses in chat if you want to keep your cover. This might not be enough though – make sure to always use the newest software available. The key to successful botting is staying a step ahead of the detection tools implemented by the developers. Furthermore, don’t be too greedy – staying online and farming 24/7 seems really suspicious.

Hacks – these tools allow you to affect your gameplay in multiple interesting ways. Speed Hacks are one of the most popular choices. They allow you to increase the movement speed of your character. You can use it to save a lot of time, skip fighting unnecessary enemies, and so on. No-clip hacks are another common example. You can use to ignore collision – this means the ability to walk through walls and other forms of terrain that would normally block your path. There also were reports of players making their characters fly around, or using various exploits for free gold, experience and items. That being said, these things are really easy to detect and quickly fixed, so we don’t recommend doing that.

In general, using some of the most extreme hacks can result in a quick ban, so be careful when you do it. If you zoom around the map 10x faster than anyone else, you’ll eventually attract some unwanted attention. The same goes for flying and walking through walls.