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Gold in Lord of The Rings Online

The main and most commply used currency in Lord of the Rings Online is gold called also LOTRO Gold. Gold coins comes in three different denominations which are Gold, Silver and Copper. One gold is an equivalent of one thousand silver, and one silver equals to one hundred copper. Every character in game has a default wallet. For F2P and premium players there is a gold-cap that determines the maximal amount of gold that can be kept in inventory. For F2P players the gold cap is 2 gold. For premium players the gold cap equals to 5 gold. You can expand the gold-cap via purchasing the expansion at LOTRO Store for real money. Vip players and ones that purchased the cap removal, limit of gold equals to 9999 gold. Gold in game is used to purchase goods and services from NPCs and other players. Looking for LOTRO Gold? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual LOTRO Gold offers from players and traders worldwide!