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Mabinogi Trading Online

Mabinogi is an incredible anime-themed MMORPG with the world inspired by Welsh mythology. The game has been developed by DevCAT and published by Nexon. Its initial premiere in Korea took place in 2004, but the game became available in the West a few years later – in 2008. Mabinogi is known for its visual style and a plethora of non-combat activities. While it remains a fully fledged MMORPG, it also has a ton of features associated with social interactions with other players. It also has a unique rebirth mechanic that allows the players to progress but also try new things on their main character.

The Mabinogi economy is based on the main currency – gold. It’s the most popular trading product in the game. You will need billions of gold in order to gear up and develop your character. Of course, there always is the option to skip the early part of the game entirely! If you’re interested in doing that, just buy an already developed account. Besides a powerful, high-level character, you’ll most likely also receive a healthy supply of gold and some amazing items!

Mabinogi doesn’t really feature a traditional class system known from most MMORPGs. For instance, there are no tanks – everyone should stay focused and dodge enemy attacks in order to survive! That being said, there are minor paths of development that you can take in order to specialize your character in specific skills. They’re called Destinies and there are seven of them – Warrior, Ranger, Mage, Alchemist, Merchant, Alchemist, and Bard. The players can choose a different destiny after a Rebirth of their character. You will also have to choose one of the three races - Human, Elf, or Giant.

There also are tons of possibilities in terms of changing your character’s appearance. The customization options include hair and eye color, clothing (that also can be dyed) and more! Explore all these incredible opportunities with Mabinogi goods available on our website!