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Mabinogi Gold

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Golden ticket

So you want be a ultimate Mabinogi player? You must be aware that you will not get far without right amount of gold, which serve as an in game currency. And you will need it a lot. 

So how you get it? Mabinogi provides you with wide variety of options. 



Always remember to pick up the drops left by killed enemies. This way you can easily earn your first gold. Getting a Doll Bag Is a good idea, because it will pick up gold drops for you. 

Also keep in mind to pick up formor scrolls. You can always sell them.

Use equipment with cheaper repair costs. 

Use daily bonuses to your advantage – Monday is best day for crafting and Wednesday is best day for hunting monsters. 


Adventurer Seals 

You can collect them by completing daily quests. Completing each grands you 3k gold, Seal and some items.


Ancient Hunting 

Killing monsters with Ancient title gives you valuable items to sell


Avalon Raids 

Participating in them grants you valuable items. It's good to have high combat ability because it means high reward. 


Baltane Missions

Completing them rewards you with NPC items and drops. You can sell Internal Blade fragments for 100 k gold and Runestone of Dairing for 50 k. 



You can create items and later sell them to NPC, or other players.


Leather collecting

Collect Fine Leather and Finest Leather, which you can easily sell. 


Collecting Holy Water

Holy Water is used to blessing items, which modifies their stats. It's easily salable.



Selling Commerce goods get you gold equal to your ducat profit. 


Divine Powder

This is the strongest magic powder in whole game. Obtaining it may take some time, but it's good method for side income. 


Dungeon Loot 

You can find valuable drops while dungeon exploring Remember that they're difficult to navigate and filled with enemies. 


Dye Synthesis

Use Synthesis to make random Fixed Dyes, which can become popular among other player and earn you a lot of money.


 Guns Engineering

Use Hillwen Engineering to create some guns, which you can sell. Dowra SE is the most popular model. 



It lets you raise crops and sell them to NPC's for gold. However it needs Premium or VIP service to be used. And crops themselves need tending and real days to grow. 


Gathering Dye Materials

Unknown Ores and Garbage Herbs can be sold with profit to other players, as they use them to synth dyes. 


Magic Craft

Craft Celtic Weapons and Magic Craft to earn gold.



It gets you Stars that can be spent in the rafting NPC shops on various valuable items. Teeth-patterned Ankle Boots can be bought and sold back immediately for 4k gold each. 


Saga Episodes

Completing them rewards you with a Saga Episode Box. 


Sidhe Finnachaid 

Completing this dungeon rewards you with Echostones and ability to upgrade/fragment them. Off course you can sell them for gold. 


Skeleton Scrolls

Armored skeletons drop Fomor Scroll which are very valuable. 

Shadow Missions 

They have a guaranteed gold reward for completion. The amount of gold is larger than what you get for completing the dungeons. 


Game Description 

Mabinogi is a South Korean MMORPG developed by devCat, and published by Nexon. The game and its setting is somewhat inspired by Irish Mythology, and those who know about it - you will notice some subtle yet recognizable hints.


The game itself looks absolutely beautiful. Mabinogi takes a lot of its art from various styles. Most things look like they are taken straight from a hand-painted anime series. The game is expanded by constant updates from the Devs, adding new quests, locations, skills and more. 


Mabinogi is similar to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege in some way when it comes to access. Players can join the battle for free, but they can purchase the game for some extra content that will enhance the gaming experience.


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