Mabinogi Gold

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Gold in Mabinogi

Main and most commonly used currency in the game is Mabinogi Gold. It can be stacked up to 1000 pieces as an independent item. Larger quantities needs to be exchanged for checks at bank. There are many ways to obtain Mabinogi Gold. It can be dropped from killed monsters - the stronger the monster is, the more currency it will drop. Amounts of gold dropped from monsters can be multiplied by two, or even three by lucky finishes. Mabinogi Gold may also be acquired from dungeon chests. Chests may be found in dungeon rooms and grant player with often small sums of gold, with a chance for higher amount. Another way to obtain gold in Mabinogi is selling items to NPC vendors and other players. Completing quests may also reward player with decent amounts of gold, depending on quest harshness. Looking for Mabinogi Gold? Check MMOAuctions for the most actual offers from players and traders worldwide!