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About the game

Mabinogi is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing game that was released in 2004 in Korea and in Europe at 2010 by Nexon company. It is a 3d game set in a fantasy anime-like world. Characters created by players aren’t restricted by any classes but only by the race that they are choosing. Players can level up the skills of their choice to make their character stronger but they are also not bound to any classes. Similarly to Maplestory - Mabinogi puts a heavy emphasis on a social aspect of the game. The big part of the gameplay is chatting with others and spending time together on the adventures. Players can express their emotions through various emotes and facial expressions.


Mabinogi fighting system is what makes this game more special. In combat, it is important to predict what the enemy does and to respond to it correspondingly. It is very tactical as it requires careful analysis and timing when it comes to using certain skills. This makes the game more interesting as button mashing option almost always is punished by a character death.


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