Mabinogi Items

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Items in Mabinogi

Looking for the best Mabinogi Items? Gear in Mabinogi comes in a variety of types. There two tabs dedicated for equipment labeled as "gear" and "style". Gear reffers to character's primary equipment that can be worn. It consists of accessories, clothing/armor, gloves, headgear, robe, shoes and two weapons (each hand can handle one weapon). Player is able to set up two sets of gear that can be swapped by pressing ' key on the keyboard. Every part of the gear has it's own durability statistic, which is depleted via usage. Style equipment allows player to cover Mabinogi items that are worn and change their looks, which is affecting only aesthetics. Style tab can only be unlocked via purchasing Pons at game store and is granted for 30 days of use, eventually players can purchase VIP service, which unlocks the tab for VIP duration. Looking for Mabinogi items? Check MMOAuctions for the most actual offers placed by players and traders worldwide!