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Mabinogi Items

In order to maximize your Mabinogi experience you will need items. Getting them by yourself will require some time. Unlike other MMORPG or online games, next to typical game progress and cosmetics oriented items there is a lot of items with strictly social usage. Interaction between players is one of the game's key elements.


There is a wide variety of social aspects present in the game. The player has a choice to interact with other people by participating in such simple, based on real-life activities, like sitting around a campfire, composing and performing music, having a chat, sharing food as well as using different facial expressions.Thanks to MMOAuctions, you can empower your character with great, cheap Mabinogi items.


And let me tell you something – some of them are very rare due to lack of re-releasing policy from game developers. We're talking about costumes, and special events or places memorabilia. Don't lie to yourself thinking that you'll come into possession of such items by using the in-game shop. Your only choice is trade with other persons who are playing the game. And where do you think they post their offers? Buy Mabinogi items from other players today! Make sure that the offer is availabe on your server, before you buy the cheap items!


Friendly, neighborhood Mabinogi items shop MMOAuctions.com

So if you want to become a part of Mabinogi world and you want it do it with style then wide variety of item sell offers is what you need. Thanks to MMOAuctions.com you can choose one meeting your gaming needs and individual desires – weapons, clothing, daily usage accessories, you name it and you can be sure that our sellers have it. And they're willing to sell it to you in fully legit and secure way. You also can sign up and become one of the sellers!


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Game Description

Mabinogi is a very popular 3D MMORPG, that was developed by devCat, and published by a South Korean publisher - Nexon, known mainly for games such as Vindictus, and MapleStory 2. This game while quite old and long-forgotten, still looks amazing, thanks to the unique art-style, that mixes more realistic locations, with anime-style mixed in here and there, especially when it comes to characters. While in any other scenario this kind of art would not mix well, in this instance - DevCat did some fantastic job, with mixing anime characters, with more of a realistic fantasy setting.


Players will choose one of the three races available in the game for Player Characters - Humans, Elves, and Giants. Every character uses an unique aging system, which works as a natural progression for your character. You will get Ability Points each time you age, making you more powerful. Don't worry. They don't die of old age. 


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