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Mortal Online Market

The game was developed by Swedish Independent Company Star Vault and was originally released in 2010 using Unreal Engine 3. Although it is an MMORPG, it features a skill-based, real-time combat system.

Mortal Online is an open-world, First-person MMORPG sandbox, placed in a fantasy medieval world. Mortal Online maps are huge and filled with a lot of activities to do, most of them provided by other players.

There are no “rules” to play Mortal Online since they take the Sandbox part really seriously. You start off with an empty inventory, and after a brief tutorial and a bunch of really basic items, you are presented into this vast world to start your journey by… who knows how?

One of the first things you will notice is the lack of main quests, so you just have to roam around until you find the kind of activity you like. You have to consider if you want to hunt, for instance, first, you need to craft a weapon, so you need to learn how to craft, maybe buy books, gather materials, and maybe also craft tools to gather those materials, so something as simple as “hunt” or “Slay monsters” may not be that simple at all.

There are 3 different races, but you can also create a mixed-race character from those 3, so you have a total of 4 different races to start the game. You have to consider each race max stats to make sure your character is the best possible one for the role you want to play later.

Options to later develop your character, are endless, you can devote your life to common goals, as to become an expert hunter, but you can also choose to craft weapons, build houses, butcher animals, cooking, mining mountains, crafting metal… or the wildest combination, that you can come up with.

Not for the weak of stomach, not for the faint of heart

All players are fully lootable, that means if you got killed, you will lose everything you carry with you, but your remains also become a corpse and a head, and yes, they both can be looted by other players. Corpses can be butchered and cooked or even used to create clothes or pieces of gear.

Mortal Online at MMOAuctions

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