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Mortal Online Items

There is an enormous variety of Mortal Online Items. Mortal Online items base is the most varied and unique from any MMO you may have ever played. There are over 10 000 000 possibilities for Weapons and Armors that can be crafted or bought in game. So called armor in Mortal Online reffers to pieces that covers each part of the body. There are different items to cover feet, torso, head, legs, left arm, right arm, left hand and right hand. There is also a variety of deadly weapons that can be wield both in left and right hand. Every equipment item in Mortal Online have it's own ratings, weight and durability. New player's equipment has the highest possible durability and is impossible to be stolen. Once durability of an item reaches 0 value, the item disappears. Looking for virtual goods connected with Mortal Online Items? Check MMOAuctions for the latest offers connected with Mortal Online!