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Mortal Online Items

Mortal online Items

You can find a lot of different items within the Mortal Online world, and many of those will be crucial for survival, as new players come to the world with no more than a bunch of very basic stuff.

If you want to have any kind of progress, you will need to find items, but as simple as that sounds, every little task can be a challenge in this game. So, if you need, let’s say, some animal skin to make clothes, you will need a bow and arrow to hunt, but for that, you need wood and metal, and knowledge (you can buy books), and in order to get that you may need an ax and money… so you get the idea, everything has a cost, and most of the time you will need the most basic items to get more complex and specialized ones.

The other thing to consider is, this is a dangerous world, and you are always at risk of getting killed and looted by more experienced players and remember when you get killed at Mortal Online you lose everything you have with you, even your corpse and head can get looted by other players. As usual, if you do not want to spend your entire summer looting items to upgrade your character you can buy items with real-world money. 

MMOAuctions stands by your side

But if you want to make the most out of your Mortal Online experience and to jump straight to the high-value quests and rewards, but do not want to purchase gold with real-world money, then we have the best solution for you: MMOAuctions.

MMOAuctions is not a shop, it is an online community where players from all platforms and games come to trade their virtual items. You can find all kinds of digital goods as items, shields, weapons, armor, clothes, pets, castles, vehicles, ships… and not only for Mortal Online but for almost 200 different games including the most downloaded Mobile games, and the most popular MMORPGs, shooters, strategy games, and many others.

Also, if you happen to have any kind of virtual goods or game accounts you do not use anymore, MMOAuctions is the perfect place to turn those hours of dedication into cash.

All you have to do is to create an account at MMOauctions, set up your preferred payment method and that’s it! You are ready to start trading directly with other players, with no middleman involved, no fees, and completely safe.

MMOAuctions offers you one of the safest trading communities! That is because of two main things:

Our Feedback System allows users to rate each other on any given transaction, so, if someone didn’t deliver what promised, everyone else will know, and they can avoid that seller. We suggest you rate every trader you make business with, that way we all take care of each other.

Scam Killer is a Powerful database that stores contact information from scammers across the internet. You just need to type in a trader Skype ID or email, and Scam Killer will search on other trading sites for possible frauds, and alert you if it finds something suspicious.

Feel free to use our security tools and find the best offer for you, or start turning your long hours of grinding into profit.