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Mortal Online Gold

Main and most common currency in the game is Mortal Online gold. It is used for various actions such as trading with other players, buying and selling at NPC vendor's stalls etc. Every vendor may accept different denomination of Mortal Online gold, which are silver and cuprum. One gold equals to one hundred silver and one silver is an equivalent of 100 cuprum. Cuprum is the lowest level of currency and one cuprum is the lowest amount of currency that one can possess. Silver is the middle level currency - all transactions with librarians and NPCs who sell books must be done using silver. Also house tax is being paid with silver. All currencies can be stacked up to 10000 pieces in one slot. There are also two special currencies in Mortal Online which are Cuprite and Rubar. Cuprite is used at NPC Sebastion the Meek who accepts only Cuprite. Looking for Mortal Online Gold? Check MMOAuctions!