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Mortal Online Accounts

Mortal Online Accounts

Mortal Online offers a vast world filled with things to do, resources to grind, things to learn, and creatures to kill, but if not properly prepared, it can get a little frustrating, since every time you die, you lose everything you carry with you.

There is no power level, but every character in Mortal Online has different skill levels, so you can choose which activities to master. This is a single and open world where you are free to choose your path. There are no Pvp Zones and there are no separate server regions. Every player inhabits the same huge world.

Because of all that, the different paths you can drive an account to, are endless. You can turn your character into a criminal and monster slayer, or become a builder, create your own house, join a guild and found a fortified city. There is no goal that you cannot achieve with enough power, violence, or diplomacy.

Mortal Online Accounts at MMOauctions

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