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MU Online was an instant classic back in the day. People all over the world enjoyed this masterpiece created by Korean company Webzen Games. This is why the general public expected a big reaction to this new title, MU Legend. Some players enjoyed it, some others didn’t, but truth be told MU Legend is an amazing 3D MMORPG filled with fun moments and delightful gameplay.

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Every MU Legend player knows how amazing can the PvE be. It's all about having a good time with your friend hack and slashing all of those annoying enemies. This is the main way to improve your hunting equipment, always increasing your customization options with a huge range of never-ending content. The speed of the combat is something that can't be found in many MMORPG out there, which makes this MU Legend the principal option of all of the action-oriented players. 

Is not a secret that this is a highly competitive game. Overall, most of MU Legend players are not looking to make friends, it’s all about competing and beating your opponents to death. Rookies and newbies won’t have any chance in the hardcore world of MU Legend. 

You can become a better player if you follow the traditional way, which is spending hours, days, and weeks completing quests and dungeons. But let’s be totally honest: the sense of pay-to-win this game has is uncanny. 

You need to pay for almost everything! This was the main reason for users to stop enjoying this game. Either way, if you are going to spend money into MU Legend, then do it with us buying a full MU Legend Account, or all the MU Legend Gold you need to complete your quest.

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