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MU Online Trading

Looking for virtual goods that can help you out in MU Online? You can find Zen, accounts, items and more, right here on MMOAuctions! Browse the posted offers and you’re going to find exactly what you need!

Online trading on MMOAuctions

Our website is a global marketplace for gamers! Everyone can sign up and start selling their goods. You also can create your account, activate it, and post your auctions. It’s a great way to make an extra buck of off your gaming activities. There are categories and offers associated with over 150 biggest online titles. Just look around and you’ll surely find something worthwhile!

The safety of our users is one of our biggest priorities. Because of that, we implemented certain tools on MMOAuctions. Each trader is a part of our user rating system. Everyone starts from the same level, but as you keep selling your products and receiving positive feedback, your rank slowly increases. We recommend buying from the highest-rated vendors since they have already been tested on multiple occasions. Avoid unnecessary risks and choose the safest option!

Moreover, we strongly suggest that you use Scam Killer during every transaction. It stores contact data of known scammers. Just copy-paste the Skype ID or email address of your potential trading partner into this tool and press the Search button. If Scam Killer finds any records of fraudulency, just walk away from the transaction and look for someone more worthy of your trust.  

MU Online Market

MU Online is one of the early examples of the MMORPGs genre. The game has been released in 2001 by a Korean company called Webzen. It’s one of the legendary titles within this huge and amazing genre. MU Online has been cited as an inspiration for many newer successful MMOs. That being said, the original game still has a lot to offer – especially if you’re in the demographic that loves these old-school, hardcore Korean MMORPGs. The game is somewhat similar to the classic hack and slash titles, because of the isometric perspective and hordes of enemies to slay.

There are tons of vertical progression – you can see it in the absurdly high character level cap that has been increased multiple times. You can also gain plenty of power by collecting, upgrading, and equipping the strongest items. MU Online is an old fashioned MMORPG, so there are barely any limitations in terms of the direct player-to-player trading. This makes the game’s main currency – Zen – extremely valuable. As long as players are able to trade freely, the currency remains incredibly useful. You can buy a large supply of it and then spend it on powerful gear for your characters.

Since most of the items are tradable, you can also buy them for real money and set up trade within the game. It’s an even faster method of getting the exact gear that you need. Just find a seller who offers the desired items and acquire them!

Finally, you can always get an already developed account. Mu Online is almost 20 years old, there are multiple strong accounts that you can buy from other players. This is the best way to skip some of the early progression and hop right onto a powerful, high-level character. This option can also net you a stock of Zen and some incredible gear. Besides, if you ever decide to start from scratch – nothing’s lost. You can always create a brand new character and go through the whole process.