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MU Online Items

Look around and find the best offers of MU Online items on our website! Improving your gear can easily result in getting extra power and higher damage output. It goes without saying that these things are incredibly valuable in a game like MU Online!

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MU Online item system

Itemization in MU Online is quite complex. Players can collect powerful armor sets that will increase their key stats and make them perform better in combat. Besides, there are weapons, jewelry and some special equipable items that have been added to the game in later years. There currently are 5 armor slots, 5 jewelry slots, 2 weapon slots, as well as the unique ones for a cape, pet, and pentagram.

Besides simply looting or buying a powerful item piece, there are some other things that you have to do in order to reach the highest levels of power. You can find the stronger, Excellent and Ancient versions of these items. You can also socket in special gems for specific bonuses. There’s also the possibility of upgrading and refining your equipment in order to further increase its power level. Just remember, there’s always a chance of failing this procedure and losing your items. That’s what makes the most powerful, high refinement level items so valuable.