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A classic browser game

ourWorld was released in 2008 by the developer FlowPlay, and since then, users have come and gone from it. With over 75 million accounts, this old titan is still going at it. While it doesn’t have the active player base that it once had, the people that still play ourWorld are devoted to it, and many have even met their best friends there. The key to its success? Character customization!

You can pretty much wear whatever you want whenever you want, from cool dresses and jackets to even magician robes. In ourWorld, it’s all about the looks. So if you are feeling a bit nostalgic and want to jump back in to see what’s going on… Why not buy an account or a few extra clothing from other users? You might have missed some new cool gear while you were away.

The best ourWorld accounts and items 

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Vintage online clothing

If you’re planning to come back (or you never left) to ourWorld, you’ll need to wear your finest clothes before joining a party full of strangers. Express yourself and show who you are redecorating your condo or wearing something that screams, “this is me”. While there are some cool things still on the in-game shop, nothing beats the classics. Limited time clothing will catch everyone’s eye. 

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