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ourWorld Items

Are you looking for some vintage ourWorld items?

Released in 2008, ourWorld is a social game where you can make an avatar, buy clothes, dance around, and decor your condo just like you want. While simple, the game it's full of charm thanks to its anime aesthetic and lively player base. And while it doesn’t get the numbers that it once got, there are still many players around for it to be a fun experience. 

As every ten-year-old game, there have been many unique events and one time offers that you may have missed due to not having money or time to grind for them; maybe you didn’t even play the game, to begin with! Don’t worry; it happens to the best of us. How could you get your hands on those goodies without paying huge amounts of in-game cash for them? Do people even trade all those rare items anymore? Just search for them here at MMO Auctions!

Trading online

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