Perfect World Trade

what is MMOAuctions?

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What is "Perfect World"?

Perfect world game is a magical story about the first God of the universe called Pan Gu. He was an immortal God. Unfortunately for him, his kingdom didn't have people to govern. So, Pan Gu used to live a very dull life alone, and in a desperate decision, he decided to divide his body into five elements; fire, metal, wood, dirt, and water. Quickly, Pan Gu, with his powers as God, created the air, mountains, rivers, and oceans, and he thought that with all of these elements, the world was ready to be founded. But just one thing was missed, people!

From his shadow, he tried to create the first creatures who aren't civilized. But as soon as they were more and more, they started learning how to survive in that world, transforming themselves so fast but unfortunately, destroying what Pan Gu had created. Pan Gud realized that something was wrong and tried to fix the problem. So he created a floating city and called it "Heaven's tear" and placed those creatures that were still not influenced by those terrible feelings that were destroying their world.

The history of Perfect World

After these creatures were safe in that floated city, Pan Gu made a flood to erase of that world, those creatures that were destroying his creation. After that terrible universal flood, a new world was created, with creatures more worried about feeding a spiritual life. So, three different races surged the human race with the three most important characteristics of Pan Gu spirit: morality, honor, and unlimited imagination. The race of the Unfamed created by the body of Pan Gu bringing peace and freedom to that world. And the third race is called "Elfos" created by the Pan Gu's blood' with characteristics such as beauty, grace, and purity. The world was perfect now.

The three races have something in common they're free to decide. They could make their own decisions being responsible for them. Every conflict that they could have between each other should be solved by themselves. After many years, when the Humans and the Elfos discovered Heaven's Tear city, they fought each other to control the town, and this terrible conflict will be remembered as the first war in that world. The unfamed decided not to be on any side during that war as they lived happily and in harmony.

Now, it is your time to decide!

Suddenly, the race that was thought was erased of that planet with the universal flood, came back stronger than before. Those creatures were not alive, but they were dead neither. So they were called "The Wraiths." The wraiths had just one goal, to destroy the rest of the races and ruin the beauty of the world. So, there was only one solution to face this terrible race: the unity of the humans, elfos, and unfamed races. 

So, now the decision is yours, play, and chose one of the three races to fight against The Wraiths. Otherwise, it can be the end of the world.