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Perfect World Gold

There are two currencies used in the game which are Coins and Perfect World Gold. Coins drop from mobs, but can also be obtained from quests as a reward, as a payment for items sold to NPC vendor, from 10 million big notes, from DQs etc. Coins are needed to buy consumables and to buy gold from the boutiq. Perfect World Gold is being obtained via charging Zen or buying it from the auction house. Gold is divided into 3 denominations: Gold, Silver and Bronze. One gold equals to 100 silver, and 1 silver is 10 bronze. You need either to spend much time in game farming, leveling and vendoring, or buy the currency for real money. The premium currency is called Zen and it allows players to spend less time in game. Looking for Perfect World Gold? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual offers from players and traders worldwide or set up your own offer in less than 60 seconds!