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Check for the best Perfect World Bot, Perfect World Hack or Perfect World Cheats software offers. Perfect World is a 3D fantasy massively multiplayer online role playing game with world inspired by ancient Chinese mythology, developed by Chinese online-gaming company Perfect World, published by Arc Games on September 2, 2008. Perfect World allows players to choose from ten unique classes with their own skills and roles. Player have tons of possibilities when it comes to customization of their character appearance. To progress in Perfect World players may choose either to follow quest story or grind their level up, unlocking new skills, pets, experience and weapons. Players are also able to create their own guilds with up to 200 players and enter instances or fight with open world bosses. There are territories to be conquered in epic 80v80 battles, where players fights to claim areas as their own. Players will also be awarded with daily rewards. Looking for virtual goods connected with Perfect World Hacks, Perfect World Cheats or Perfect World Bot software? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual offers from players and traders worldwide!