Riders of Icarus Accounts

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Riders of Icarus Accounts

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Riders of Icarus - When fights happen not only on the ground

Riders of Icarus is the game released by a small gaming studio called WeMade in 2016. The game represents the MMORPG genre and is available for all of the players that want to install it through the Steam platform. Riders of Icarus are unlike any other game from that genre that you may have seen before. In this one players have the ability to capture almost any of the monsters available in the game. Those can be later used as pets, companions and mounts. Last ones are not only rideable but may be also used aerial duels between players and to fight monsters. Check out this peculiar MMORPG title by yourself and be sure to come back to us whenever you need Riders of Icarus accounts and other goods that may boost your gameplay!