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RUST Cheats & Bots

From time to time, each player would want to go even beyond. Both in their skill, as well as a gameplay experience. But how can you go beyond in a game that already has set mechanics and systems? You can always use external programs that will alter the way you play. A lot of them can ruin other people’s day, and finally, get you banned, so don’t overuse them, and try to use it purely for fun, and not to frustrate other players, because that’s not what heroes do. RUST Cheats and Bots can range from pure efficiency and personal use scripts to placeholders for lack of skill.

Ever wanted to see every item on the map? You can have it. Mark every player so you can see everyone through the walls? You can have it. Are you struggling with recoil or aim? There are macros for it that make it easier, sometimes even completely automated. Maybe you would like to teleport around the map or move super fast? Coders can create such scripts. If you are lucky, perhaps you will find someone who can create something that will allow you to phase through doors. Lots of things are possible when it comes to RUST cheats and bots. You have to search correctly.

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Communication is another aspect that we tried to perfect. It is why we have our Live Chat and a Support Team that will be available for you 24/7 for the whole year. As for Live Chat - it’s a reliable tool that you can use to communicate with people on our website. It’s free, it’s easy to use, and it’s convenient. And necessary. Communication is critical when it comes to certain types of services. Especially when you have purchased boosting or power-leveling. The reason is simple - the provider gets on your account. You have to know the exact time-frames that may change. Hopping on an account that is used by another person, maybe on the other side of the world - this can end in your account receiving a ban for account shareholding. In that case - most of the time, even VPN won’t save you.

Trust in MMOAuctions. We’re gamers just like you. This website was created out of passion, and you will get that feeling every time you try to purchase something for your favorite games, or even create your own service to provide for others. Don’t be afraid to try it out.

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RUST - Game Description

RUST is an Online Survival FPS, where players will struggle against the wild, as well as other survivors, gathering food and resources, building their bases, and raiding bases of other groups - even communities - trying to dominate the map, and control as many places as possible. The game itself is continually updated, and there are some modded servers where we can all play right now through the official launcher.

Each player will start the game on a particular server. Each server will have a randomly generated map that was born from a specific map seed, which makes almost every server unique. Every server will have a certain number of special places on the map. Those places are remnants of some long-gone civilization, some say. Maybe after a nuclear war, which would explain the presence of radiation at some spots of the map. Perhaps some experiments went wrong? No one knows what and why it happened, but the world is as it is. Grass, trees, plants grow, birds, and land animals are alive and well, remnants of the previous civilization seem to stand high and proud. There are also constant Airdrops with military gear, and Attack Helicopters that attempt to kill every armed human in their vicinity.

Players spawn as Naked Survivors on the shores of the map, with nothing but a rock in their hands. The rock will be used to gather Wood and Stones, which will be used to create stone tools that will significantly enhance material gathering. Using the Hemp Bushes planted across the map, you will be able to craft a Hunting Bow, useful in gathering some meat off of animals. Wood and Stone - those things you will turn into arrows, more tools, and buildings. 

Building bases is one of the main focuses of every serious RUST Survivor. Player inventory can fit quite a bunch of various items. However, it is a mistake to bring everything you’ve got into a fight. You can easily lose it, and you won’t be able to loot anything. Bases will be used as main spawn points after you’ve placed a sleeping bag in them. You will also use them as a place of solitude (unless it gets raided at some point), and as your primary storage for various items. You will spend a lot of time on your base, and inside it, crafting items, storing them, furnacing minerals and metals to maintain a decent weapon and ammo count.