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RUST Items

RUST is not a plate or a knife, it's a game where you spawn as a naked rock-wielding weirdo. And while each person has a random skin color, gender, and different bone and body structure, people will rarely pay attention to that, unless they are racist, or sexist, which happens to be true in RUST pretty often. To cover it up, or to stay unique, you will want to wear some individual parts of clothing, armor, and have some weapon skins. Bored with your hide pants, burlap gloves, and generic metal mask? Get some mask, new pants, make your item-box look unique, get your business-class attire or a casual hoodie and poncho, maybe some classy torso? Bring your own painted smg, build a unique construction with pure cosmetic resources, and set up your own wooden, custom-painted "Beware Ogre" sign in front of your house. Unleash your custom warhead rocket launcher, turn your scrap metal into a glowing pistol or an assault rifle, get your misc items, ammo (ammunition), and your shotgun skin. Throw a brand new Voodoo, or a red Brimstone F1 Grenade into your enemy base, ruin their barricade and building, not neccessarily for profit, but as a tool for having fun. 

Getting those types of clothing, armors, and weapons, and other resources are not necessary if you want to have a good experience in RUST. It’s all about being that one special someone that will be recognized from a distance, which will have its advantages. yor example, if you manage to make a name for yourself, you will be identified by other players with no issue, which will feel fantastic if you are already dominating the map. People will run from you, offer you stuff, give it to you to avoid being attacked. And some more aggressive ones will try to retaliate. The good thing is - that if you shove them off every time - you will send a good message to them and to others who attempt to push you back. The bad thing is - that if you fail to intimidate them - people will try to wreck you more often. So it all depends on how your enemies view you. In the end - it's all about 

You will be able to search for some unique-looking pieces of armor on the market easily. Costs of these goods can range from a few dollars to hundreds of said currency, maybe even more. An item can get really cheap, but as soon as the supply is cut off, its price will most likely rise.

On this website, however, you can find much more accessible and affordable deals that will allow you to get your most wanted RUST items for a better price. And where else should you go, than

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Our buyers will find a lot of accessibility on our website. With over a thousand categories, available in more than 150 games, every player will find something for himself. If you are searching for power-leveling, boosting, coaching, middleman services, items, in-game currency, or anything that can be transferred between players in the game - you have a high chance of finding such things right here.

As for pricing - it will depend entirely on the sellers. We have no say in pricing, and the market here balances itself. It is how the open market works. If you list your product too high, nobody will buy it. And there is no point of undercutting unless you want to fool yourself, even to an end when a high-quality service is available for an affordable price. 

Buying in-game stuff from players, rather than from a huge company, is a significant investment that will send a very important message out. We don’t need companies that try to provide us with in-game goods that break the in-game market. All we need is a vast community for players, where a player can purchase the things that they want while helping the other player to make money while playing the game. It’s a great cause, and it was one of the most important things (and still is) that has driven us towards funding a website such as this. 

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You can do everything, and as long as it doesn’t go against our terms of service, you can list anything, and list it in your way. Your auction name, picture, and description, that will keep potential clients coming. Also - you can set your price, and we do not restrict even the most ridiculous prices. It’s your work, your pricing, you are the man here, and we have no say in that. It’s not our money. And there is a second meaning to this statement.

The money that you make on this website - not a coin goes to us. That’s right. No taxes, no fees, we won’t take anything away from your transactions. 

RUST - Game Description

RUST is a simple online game where players will focus mainly on survival in a post-apocalyptic, yet reborn world. This game is a mix of Minecraft, DayZ Mod, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R series. Parts of the main island are irradiated, especially in zones where some relics of old civilization (Gas Stations, Shops, Airports) are irradiated. Each player will spawn on one of the shores of a huge island that will be generated from a seed for every server. 

Players will focus on pure survival, in the beginning, using their trusty rock, bashing through trees and ores of metal. Creating tools like Stone Hatchets, and Stone Pickaxes to gather materials more efficiently. Wood will be used to create some basic weapons, like Spears or Hunting Bows. Wood will also be used to create paper, which can be turned into a blueprint that will allow each player to build a shelter. Small 1x1 shelter made of wood, they - made of stone, extended to a 2x1. Further increase in height and size, as you work on gathering the right materials, and you can create a whole kingdom, made of fortified walls, spike traps, and automated turrets that will target anyone who is an enemy. 

And since it’s a survival game, you will struggle with living through everything. Irradiated zones hold great loot, but you will die due to radiation exposure if you don’t have proper medication or a Hazmat Suit. The wild will not be so kind as well. There are lots of beasts that will see you just as another source of food. Slash through them, or shoot them full of arrows to get some food from them. And of course. You will have to struggle against other players, that will always want to rob you of your belongings, either by killing you and taking your stuff or by raiding your base and then taking your stuff. Get your RUST item right now!

So don’t wait any longer. Buy some stuff, or post your offers on our wall, join the community, and you will soon find out that you are a part of something massive.