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The origin of Secret World Legends

In 2012 game developer in the name of Funcom dared to do something revolutionary when it comes to the MMORPG industry. They released a title called Secret World that wasn’t about fantasy creatures, dragons, knights, and magicians. Instead of that, the game was about the modern world mysteries, futuristic enemies and supernatural powers. With a greatly looking cinematic trailer and interesting concept, nobody could predict that Secret World will close its servers just a couple of months after the release. Luckily it came back with the new subtitle: “Secret World Legends”. This title is like a fantasy theme park for those that love conspiracy theories, clues that lead nowhere, and the modern world horrors. Secret World without a doubt does not fit any standards. Instead, it stands out as a distinct game that might be loved by a certain group of people and hated by others. This might have been a reason why the player base diminished over time and why this MMO is partly forgotten but if you want to experience a truly interesting online multiplayer game with the climate like no other make sure to give the Secret World a chance.