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Secret World Legends Mark of Favor

  There are two main currencies in Secret World Legends, which refers to Marks of Favour and Aurum. Marks of Favour are most commonly used currency. With them, player is able to purchase items from the Auction House, such as additional weapons, potion refills, dungeon keys, fusing items, cosmetic options, social items and more. Marks of Favour can be obtained via completing daily challenges and by selling items to other players through the auction house. Aurum is a Secret World Legends' premium currency - it can be purchased with real money, but it can also be exchanged for Marks of Favor, making this currency obtainable for every players without a need to spend real world money. With Aurum, players can buy things like additional character slots, boosters, extra inventory space, vanity items and more. Looking for virtual goods connected with Secret World Legends? Check MMOAuctions for the most actual offers from players and traders worldwide!