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Secret World Legends Accounts

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Secret World Legends

Among MMORPG genre there are lots of games about knights in shiny armors, cute anime girls weaving spells, and brave elves shooting their bows. Secret World Legends doesn’t fit into this category as it dares to be different. It is a game about the modern world, monsters that live in it, and supernatural powers that rule here on it. Secret World was a dark fantasy that could be even called science fiction. A brave take on the game creation did not pay off as people didn’t want to cope with the buy-to-play model of the initial game. Because of that, the first Secret World died off and Joymax had to save the life of its product by re-releasing it on a Steam platform as the free-to-play Secret World Legends. In the end, the Secret World Legends gave a new life to dying product. This title has multiple issues with the gameplay however it is an interesting release with something new to offer. If you do not like cliche games and are intrigued by this one - give it a try and you might fall in love with it. Be sure to come back to us whenever you need a Secret World Legends Accounts.