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Star Citizen Accounts

Star Citizen is a futuristic universe simulation game that is not yet fully released, as it is currently during Alpha tests. There is no sure release date so far. The game is being developed for Windows users but it is also planned to come out on MAC and Linux systems. Although all of this is planned for the future, there will be no console version for this product since it would be technologically impossible as stated by the developers.


The game takes place 1000 years in the future in a massive multiplayer constellation with an arguably biggest open world in online gaming history. The whole project of creating Star Citizen was crowdfunded on Kickstarter with over 130 Million US dollars donated. In the beginning, the fundraiser campaign began with the goal of two million US Dollars to show possible investors that there is a great demand for the game. As the project grew over 6 Million USD, developers decided that the game will be entirely funded by volunteers and contributors who want to back this project up. It is not developed by any pre-established production company and it is designed to come out on buy to play model. Behind the idea of creating such an enormous game is Chris Roberts. The mastermind who made Wing Commander series which later became predecessor of the ‘interactive movie’ genre in gaming. Roberts worked in companies such as Origin, Electronic Arts and Digital Anvil.


Star Citizen, without a doubt, is one of the largest ventures in online gaming history with hundreds of thousands of people donating and helping a project since 2012 to this day. As the game is currently in Alpha phase of testing there are no recommended system specifications. Although the game is possible to access with Kickstarter packages it requires to run at high-end computers as the game with such an enormous open world might not run well for quite a few years to come.


Benefits of buying a Star Citizen account

You may ask yourself: why do I want to buy a StarCitizen account when with every patch progress of your character is reset. Over the years some players became tired of waiting for StarCitizen release and might get want to rid of their accounts to, at least, salvage some of their investment. That way you can obtain accounts with ships like Constellation Andromeda (which usually costs 221$) for half the price. You can also find accounts with limited edition ships that are, at the moment, unavailable for purchase like a rare Eclipse stealth bomber, Super Hornet, Aurora, Mustang, Squadron 42, Standalone ship, Veteran backer or rare event-bound paint jobs like Sabre Comet. In recent months StarCitizen development cycle picked up the pace so now might be the best time to abuse the “wait fatigue” of some of the veterans for your own benefit.


Safety of transactions

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