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The Safety of our users

By buying in-game items, currency, accounts, and anything else that you may think of, you may be sure that you won't get scammed. On our website, we have introduced a revolutionary Scam-Killer program. It is an extensive database of fraudsters and dishonest traders. All the information about the user that you are trading with, are available at our servers for your view - if he had a history of scams, we will know about this, and your trade will be immediately canceled. Things like cell phone number, email address, or even skype ID that was provided by the trader during registration can help to track down if those details were previously used in the fraud. This was we can ensure, that players you are exchanging your goods with are honest.

Moreover, the currency bought on our website comes from users who have spent their time in the game to farm goods that they are selling. You won't find there illegal third party bot farmers and people who would love to cheat the system. We are confident that with us your goods are safe and you will get a payment for your trades.


What is Valorant

Valorant is a free-to-play First Person Shooter released in the April of 2020 by Riot Games. It is a spiritual successor of both Counter-Strike and Overwatch as it takes its inspiration from those titles. In the game, players can play the role of an Agent who teams up with four other gamers to fight against opposing forces that also consists of 5 people. During the round, teams will compete against each other to reach for specific objectives or to eliminate opposing forces. After one of the winning conditions is met, another round starts. Rounds are played until one of the team reaches thirteen wins taking the victory in a match. Since the launch of this title, Riot Games puts a high emphasis on esports which means that Valorant will be a highly competitive game.

Players can become one of the Agents before the game starts, and after locking their decision down, it cannot be changed during the match. Each Agent has their own set of abilities and, therefore, a set of strengths and weaknesses. Finding ways to utilize them on the battlefield will be a crucial point to reach for kills and for staying safe. It is the main difference between this game and Counter-Strike, but they also share multiple similarities. The economy and a gun market closely resemble this seen in CS. Shooting and gun recoil is also lookalike even the maps might bring to more experienced FPS players a memory of some iconic Counter-Strike locations. On the other hand, the Agent and skill system looks just like it was pulled straight from the Overwatch. Riot Games did precise research on those two games before creating Valorant.

Nonetheless, it is a great shooter that is worth looking at since the game is dynamic, graphics look appealing, and the gameplay is fun and engaging. If you haven't played it yet, make sure to try it out.


What can you find on MMOAuctions

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