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H1Z1 Market

Check out the best auctions of H1Z1 products and services. Look around and you’ll be able to find amazing offers of King of the Kill currency, accounts, boosting services and more! What else can you need in this awesome battle royale?

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Z1 Battle Royale Trading

Z1 Battle Royale has been known by many names. You may have heard of this game as H1Z1 or King of the Kill. Even though there was some turbulence with the game’s launch and development, it’s an incredibly fun, fast-paced battle royale with some unique features that separate it from the competition.

The matches are relatively short and the importance of looting is slightly diminished (you still have to find weapons, armor pieces and other items, but it’s relatively easy to get what you need in the first minutes of the match.

If you manage to survive this part of the game, you’ll get to the real fun phase, where players (or teams of players, depending on your match type) grab some vehicles and start driving around the map, looking for stragglers. It’s a really interesting part, because you can’t actually run people over with your car – you have to shoot them. Vehicles can still provide a meaningful advantage, due to the safety and speed that they bring.

As the match goes on, the number of players decreases and so does the arena. Moreover, the extremely valuable crates start falling down from the sky. Approaching them always comes with a significant risk, but they can contain some of the most powerful weapons in the game. They can definitely make a difference during the final fights!

Z1BR players can trade their collectible items on the Steam Market. There are tons of cosmetics that you can acquire within the game. Besides skins for weapons and other types of items, you can also trade multiple kinds of crates that are available in H1Z1. The game has two main currencies: the standard one is called Credits and Crowns serve as the premium currency. Earlier, there was another currency called Skulls. 

The game features a ranked ladder that creates a competitive environment for the players. Doing well in your matches allows you to advance to higher ranks – starting from Bronze and going all the way to the highest one – Royalty. Whenever there’s a ranking system, there’s also room for boosting services! They’re another part of Z1BR Market at MMOAuctions.