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Z1 Battle Royale Bots & Cheats

Tired of getting eliminated early on in the match? Or maybe you just want to have fun playing as an invincible god? Get yourself the best Z1 Battle Royale Hacks and solve all your problems. These H1Z1 hacks and cheats can help you win every match and make you a real King of the Kill!

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If you’re going to use any hacks or other types of prohibited software, always make sure to get the best, constantly updated ones. Avoiding detection is a key part of cheating in any game. Major game updates can introduce new versions of anti-cheat software. Outdated hacks are more likely to be found out than the newest ones.

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Cheating in H1Z1

Z1 Battle Royale is a multiplayer shooter. Games in this genre often have multiple types of hacks and cheats that can boost a player’s performance by a large margin. H1Z1 is not an exception! You can find aimbots, wallhacks and other popular cheats for this great battle royale game. Let’s take a look at some of the examples.

H1Z1 ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) is an improved version of a traditional wallhack that you might know from other shooters. It allows you to see through walls, buildings and terrain, providing tons of valuable information. Besides the position of your opponents, you will also see what kind of loot is located in each house. It makes the early part (looting phase) of the match faster and more efficient. While others keep frantically looking for useful weapons, you can already start eliminating them. It can also be extremely useful in later parts of the game, as it can help you find hidden opponents. It’s also useful when you’re looking for vehicles and crates.

Of course, you can also find an H1Z1 Aimbot. This type of tool works exactly as you’d imagine – it helps you land all your shots on the unsuspecting targets. Aimbots work especially well with the long-range weapons such as sniper rifles, but they can also be really valuable in other circumstances. Besides the standard option aim directly at your target, some of the more advanced software can eliminate recoil and take into account bullet speed as well as bullet drop. Your enemies won’t even know what hit them!

H1Z1 Magic Bullet is another interesting option. It allows you to freeze the game client for a short amount of time. During that window, you can redirect your bullet straight in your enemy’s head. It’s an extremely efficient way of cheating, but it’s highly detectable.

Some other Z1BR cheats include speed hack, super jump, ghost mode (no collision), vehicle no-clip (driving through walls and terrain) and more! Browse the offers posted at MMOAuctions and find the best H1Z1 third-party software that’s available!