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Z1 Battle Royale Currency

Z1 Battle Royale (previously known as H1Z1 or King of the Kill) has multiple in-game currencies. Credits are the most standard, easy to get currency, while the premium one is called Crowns. Both of them can be used to buy various cosmetic items and crates on the market. Get yourself a vast supply of Z1BR currency and spend it on whatever you want in-game!

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Trading in H1Z1

The majority of H1Z1 trading happens directly through the Steam client, so the amount of stuff that you can freely trade is limited. As the name suggests, Z1BR is a battle royale game. There’s not that much linear advancement within the game. Players get to collect all types of cosmetics and vanity items, but in terms of sheer power, the progression happens during every match. Your character becomes stronger only through getting stronger weapons and acquiring other resources.

The battle royale genre doesn’t place a huge emphasis on trading between the players. In H1Z1, you’ll mostly spend your currencies on buying stuff directly from the game. There are lots of cool things to get for Credits, but in order to get the most incredible items - you will have to invest in Crowns.  

H1Z1 had quite an eventful development cycle and there were multiple currencies that are no longer available in the game. Most notably, there were the H1Z1 Skulls that have been an important currency for a long time. They have been available as rewards for good performance in the game, but it’s no longer the case. Right now, Credits are the only currency that you can get for playing Z1 Battle Royale. Crowns are available exclusively through the game store.

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