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Aion is a MMORPG with tons of features set in the fantastical world of Atreia now available on MMOAuctions! Originally subscription needed, Aion started to be free-to-play on April 11, 2012. The game has received several updates since release, with additional features such as pets, player housing, and few whole new continents to explore. Unique to Aion is an aerial combat mode called PvPvE where the two factions clash both among themselves and against NPC dragons for control over special areas and fortresses. Aion's key features are loads of content, extensive character creation and lovely soundtrack that will accompany you during exploration of Atreia! Tired of farming in Aion? Try MMOAuctions to find yourself gear and currency of Aion online! Prevent yourself against scammers using our special feature - Scamkiller!