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Aion Items

Aion items are extremely important at getting over the power curve in this MMORPG. Stronger armors and weapons equal more stats and higher statistics mean becoming stronger. Buy Aion items at MMOAuctions to increase your power level and enjoy the game even more!


Different kinds of Aion items

Combat in Aion is pretty interesting, as players have to execute their combos, using certain skills in the right order what makes it more engaging than in many older MMORPGs. Even though it’s more dynamic, it’s still based on tab targeting, which makes having powerful gear extremely important.


Lucky for you, there is a way of getting them without grinding long hours during multiple days hoping that fortune will finally smile at you. You can take these matters into your own hands and buy Aion items at MMOAuctions today!


There are three rarity tiers of equipment in Aion:

Ancient – Yellow, the most common one, you should use it mostly through the leveling stage of the game. It’s often given as a reward for quests.

Legendary – Pink, the better tier, most players will use it for a very long time, since it’s not that hard to get it and it has decent power level, you can loot it from monsters

Ultimate – Red, the most powerful weapons and armors in the game, they can only be looted in high difficulty instances for alliances


Getting ultimate weapons and armor sets in-game can be challenging and requires some patience as well as luck. Search through the offers on our site and find the best cheap and powerful Aion items available!


Aion Items contains a rich number of interesting and unique Aion items that players can obtain, trade, use and enchant. Aion Items that player can choose from are weapons, armors, wearable equipment, food, potions, manastones, dyes, accessories and many many more.


Buy Aion items at MMOAuctions

Looking for a certain item to finish off your build? Use MMOAuctions search feature! Remember that Aion items can also be enchanted. The most valuable items are those enchanted even till +20. That gives you a huge range to improve Aion's character statistics!


Getting the most powerful enchanted items in-game can be extremely difficult and quite frustrating. Enchantment system is heavily based on luck. You not only have to get the desired weapon or armor piece, get lots of the corresponding enchantment stones and pray to higher powers for good fortune and maybe the RNG gods will deem you worthy of a powerful item with high enchantment value.


Everytime you’re enchanting a piece of equipment there are two possible outcomes. Success results in the item + level being increased by one and failure causes this level to be reduced by one. That makes the items that are at the maximum enchantment levels extremely valuable. Look for them at MMOAuctions and get an advantage over other players.


There’s separate Aion equipment for PvE and for PvP what can make gearing up even more difficult if you’re planning on playing both of those aspects of the game. Buying some of the items at MMOAuctions can help you out significantly.


Wings and other Aion accessories

The most iconic Aion feature is flight. To unlock it for your character, you’re going to need wings. The best wings in the game aren’t cheap and to get exactly the ones that you want as quickly as possible, you might want to use some help from the sellers.


There are more kinds of useful accessories that you can buy to get stronger in Aion. Plumes (sometimes called feathers) are a great example of them. They are a great addition to your character's appearance, but they can also increase some of your statistics. To unlock full potential of a plume, you have to enchant it to +10 and then trade it at a proper NPC for an enhanced version of that plume. Finally, you can enchant it again. As you probably figured out by now, it’s pretty difficult to get the most powerful ones.


Another category of items worth buying are the Stigma Stones. Equipping them gives the players access to extra abilities. You want to stack as many of them as you can and the stronger they are, the better combat ability you’ll have. Stigmas can be charged which works similarly to how weapons and armor can be enchanted.


Before placing your order, make sure that the item in question is being sold at the same server that you’re playing on. The two North American servers at the moment are Danaria and Katalam, with Ereshkigal being merged with Katalam. At the same time, the most popular European servers are Stormwing, Sillus, Odin and Ragnarok.


Online trading at MMOAuctions

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Aion - exceptional MMORPG

Aion: the Tower of Eternity (often referred to simply as Aion or Aion Online) is an MMORPG developed and published by NCSoft. The players can create their characters out of two races that serve as factions in the game. Elyos and Asmodians each have their half of the damaged world that got split in half and the only thing that holds it together is the Tower of Eternity.


There also are 6 primary classes and 11 subclasses (the name is kind of misleading because they are the most important to the characters’ skillsets) available for the players. They can pilot a Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Cleric, Chanter, Gunslinger, Aethertech and Songweaver.


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