Buy Aion Kinah

Aion Kinah

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Buy Aion Kinah

Being the main currency in Aion, Kinah is used by both the Asmodians and Elyos. It is central to the game, allowing the players to purchase a variety of items, services, and transportation between zones and regions. Without the proper amount of Aion Kinah, it is impossible to progress in the game at a reasonable pace. Healthy amount of the game currency is the key to quick advancement, both on the lower and the higher levels. 


You can use Kinah to buy the most iconic Aion items – the sets of wings. All the characters that are enough high level can get the access to flight, but to get the most expensive wings, you’re going to need a lot of Kinah. This is one of the most beloved features of Aion and with the currency bought at MMOAuctions, you can get to it quicker. Buy Aion Kinah cheap today!


Another thing to spend money on in Aion are the Enchantment Stones. There’s separate equipment for PvE and PvP and you’ll probably want to enchant both. There are different stones for Ancient, Legendary and Ultimate gear. Enchanting is partly based on luck, since you may succeed, which results in increasing the stats of your items or fail, what will have the opposite effect. Getting the optimal weapon and armor set and later enchanting it to the maximum is extremely difficult and expensive. You would have to be very lucky or spend a massive amount of time in the game to do that.


Kinah will be extremely crucial in the endgame. Even at max level, without the optimal gear, your character might not be strong enough for all of the Aion content. You won’t be able to get that equipment quickly unless you have tons of Kinah. Win every battle and become one of the most powerful heroes in Atreia thanks to Kinah Aion Online bought at MMOAuctions!


Before placing an order, make sure that the currency will be available on your server and make sure to tell the seller what race you’re playing to set up the delivery. Usually if a vendor is selling Kinah on a certain Aion server, it will be available for both factions, but it’s better to make sure first. Don't waste hours grinding, when you can buy it online!


Depending on the server and race, some of the set-ups should look like this: Katalam – Asmodians, Danaria – Elyos, Danaria – Asmodians, Katalam – Elyos et cetera. After choosing the right offer, contact the seller to set up the delivery time and in-game location.

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Aion lore and themes

Aion: The Tower of Eternity is a NCSoft massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic world. The huge conflict between the Empyrean Lords and cruel dragon-like monsters called Balaur led to a disaster known as The Cataclysm. It resulted in splitting the world of Atreia in half and made the people evolve in two separate races: Asmodians and Elyos. They serve as two factions inside the game. Players have to pick one of them at the very beginning of their adventure, during the character creation process.


You can decide to either play as a dark, vengeful and ferocious Asmodian, or a gorgeous, good, noble and audacious Elyos. This kind of division between two factions should feel rather familiar to fans of MMORPG genre since it’s an arrangement that’s present in a similar form in many other games, even the most popular ones.


Aion is the name of a god who created the whole world of Atreia and all the creatures living in it. The main story of the game is focused on the aftermath of The Cataclysm. Both factions have some unresolved issues and are blaming each other. Of course, often they have to put it aside to face a common enemy.

Entering Aion

The choice of a race will have a great impact on your gameplay. Each faction has its own main quest line and different locations. After all, each of them has a separate half of the planet! It’s even important while buying Kinah, to properly set up the payment and delivery.


Another essential decision that you have to make during the process of character creation is picking your primary class. It determines which subclasses you’ll be able to choose from later in the game. The current level cap in live version of the game is 80. All the possible development paths look like this:


Warrior is a tanky melee fighter. They can use swords or maces as weapons and wear plate armor sets. They also use shields. A warrior can advance into gladiator or Templar, both of those classes have access to taunts, this makes them viable as tanks.


Gladiator – this is the more damage-focused of the warrior subclasses. They have the ability to deal AoE damage with two-handed greatswords and spears, which are their most popular weapons (but they can also use many others). Thanks to the heavy plate armor and the versatility in choice of weapons, they can act both as a tank or an AoE damage dealer, whichever one is more necessary at the time.


Templar – representatives of that class will use a one-handed weapon (swords or maces) and a shield most of the time. They are the true main tanks of Aion. It’s really difficult to level them up solo since they kill mobs really slowly, but at the same time, it should be really easy for them to find a group, because of the sheer amount of defensive stats and utility that they can bring.


Scouts are extremely fast and dexterous. They wear leather armors and use daggers or bows. These weapons are the two choices of further development as they can become rangers or assassins.


Ranger – it’s the archer class in Aion. They can set up traps on their enemies and deal with plenty of physical damage from afar, both to single targets and in the AoE fashion. Their arrows can deal devastating damage with great accuracy. Rangers also have access to some crowd control.


Assassin – this is a melee damage dealer class. Able to use daggers or swords, they can sneak up onto their enemies and quickly dispatch them with a powerful burst of damage. They also have the ability to enter stealth and become invisible.


They can subdue the power of four elements to cast powerful spells that can damage their enemies. Mages wear cloth robes and use magical tomes and orbs to amplify their power. They can advance into spirit masters and sorcerers.


Sorcerer – the classic spellcaster. They can use the elements to deal devastating damage and immobilize their opponents. Their kit consists of nuking spells and crowd control abilities.


Spiritmaster – this is a mage that specializes in curses, debuffs and summoning servitors who will help in combat. They have access to some crowd control and strong damage over time spells.


It’s the most supportive of the primary classes. Priests wear chain armor sets and use maces and staves to empower their healing and buffing capabilities. They can advance into clerics and chanters.


Cleric – the main healer of Aion. They can restore their teammates HP, increase their resistances and remove debuffs. If the damage happens to be too overwhelming, they also have the ability to resurrect their allies.


Chanter – they can boost their groups' various statistics with numerous buffs, including mantras. They’re especially useful in big groups, where they can significantly increase the damage output of multiple damage dealers.


As a primary class technists are focused on using advanced technology to deal high amounts of damage. They can later become gunslingers or aethertechs.


Aethertech – that’s a unique class that draws most of its power from summoning a Bastion – a powerful mech that acts as a mount. They’re very versatile with both melee and long-range attacks as well as strong defensive stats and lots of mobility while piloting the Bastion.


Gunslinger – it’s another one of DPS classes. They wear magic light armors and use two kinds of ballistic weapons: pistols and aethercannons. The first ones allow for greater mobility and bigger attack speed and the latter are picked only for the high damage output.


Muse is a primary class that combines some DPS with buffs and healing. They’re the off-supports of the game. The magical harps serve as their weapons and they wear cloth armors. Muses can only ascend into one subclass – the songweaver.


Songweaver – they’re kind of like bard class of Aion, they can support their allies as well as damage and CC their enemies. Songweavers heavily rely on chaining their spells to use their full potential. They work really well in big well-rounded groups.