Aion Kinah


Kinah in Aion

In Aion Kinah is the main currency. Aion Kinah is used by both the Asmodians and Elyos. It is central to the game, allowing the purchase of a variety of items, services, and transportation between zones and regions. Without the proper amount of Aion Kinah, it is impossible to progress in the game. That's why you should check MMOAuctions if your time supply is not allowing you to farm it! However, there are several ways to gain Aion Kinah called also Aion Gold inside the game which are: completing quests, killing mobs, selling items to other players, selling Items to the Broker, selling items to a merchant and by selling them here, on MMOAuctions! With our Scamkiller feature you can make sure that your buy Aion Kinah transactions are always safe!