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Aion accounts

Aion, also known as Aion: The Tower of Eternity is a Korean MMORPG developed and published by NCSoft. It was released in South Korea in 2008 and a year later it went worldwide. The game gained a lot of popularity and recognition early on and still keeps a huge and loyal player base.


Aion Online is renowned for its epic, over the top design of classes, skills, bosses, and dungeons. The players can choose one of the two races who act as fractions inside the game: the dark, dangerous and vengeful Asmodian or beautiful, bright and self-assured Elyos.


At the same time, Aion is the name of a god who created the world of Atreia and later the twelve Empyrean Lords to protect Humans from the evil monsters.  Their story is extremely important in the lore and is the origin of the great division between the two fractions.


One of the most famous aspects of Aion is flight. Characters can literally spread their wings and fly around. This feature made the gameplay even more impressive, allowing the players to hover around giant bosses while DPSing them during those great fights. The flight is also important in questing, traveling and even crafting.

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Aion classes

Players can choose out of six primary classes and later advance into one of eleven subclasses after getting level 10. The warrior can turn into gladiator or templar, a scout can become a ranger or assassin, the mage can advance into a sorcerer or spiritmaster, priest into a cleric or chanter, technist into gunslinger or aethertech and muse can only become a songweaver.


Gladiator – a melee fighter who wears plate armor and can hit multiple enemies with a spear

Templar – the tank class in Aion, still able to deal some meaningful damage though, especially when they switch their weapon to a greatsword

Ranger – a ranged physical damage dealer who uses bows and sets up traps

Assassin – melee damage dealer who uses daggers to inflict huge bursts of damage

Sorcerer – a mage who uses the power of elements to deal damage to their enemies

Spiritmaster – wizard class that harnesses the spirits to cast curses and debuffs on the opponents

Cleric – the healer class of the game

Chanter – a supportive mage with the ability to empower their allies

Gunslinger – a ranged damage dealer with a lot of mobility (also called gunner)

Aethertech – a class that can pilot a magical mech called Bastion

Songweaver – a hybrid supportive class that can deal significant magic damage and buff their allies


Aion - another chapter of MMORPG

Aion in some ways is a bridge between the old school MMORPGs and the new ones. The damage dealing is still target-locked and there’s open world PvP. At the same time, there are some new mechanics introduced. A huge emphasis is placed on dungeons and fighting bosses instead of a simple grind to get levels in PvE. While the combat is tab-targeted, some skills can only be used in certain sequences what makes the fight more engaging. Players can ascend their characters into becoming extremely powerful demigods.


You can definitely see some similarities to one of the previous NCSoft hit MMORPGs – Lineage 2. Some of the bosses, combat and class progression seem somewhat inspired by the studio’s earlier title, but there are also numerous original ideas.


Fortress sieges are another great thing borrowed from Lineage 2. The players can form legions (which is exactly what guilds or clans are in other MMORPGs). When a legion is powerful enough, it can try and capture a fortress. If it succeeds, it gets access to some special NPCs as well as some income from taxes.


Aion also includes a developed crafting system. It allows for creating armor sets, weapons and other items that can not only be made more powerful, but there’s also a big emphasis on the appearance. Crafting can enable various item designs that will completely change the way your character looks. If you buy Aion account, you can also get some of those awesome crafted item sets.  


The whole setting is definitely high fantasy with an epic main storyline and the beautifully designed magical world of Atreia. The dungeons and bosses also fit really well into that theme with their appearances and sheer sizes. That makes playing Aion even more exciting!

Activities in Aion

Buying an already developed account can bring you straight into the epic and fascinating endgame which is the part of the game that the majority of players is most interested in. Skip some of the less breathtaking early game content and get right into the most hyped content.


Most of the Aion fans would agree that the real fun starts after you’re able to ascend into Daeva – the demigods that get the ability to use the iconic wings. Of course, it’s not something that happens in the early game. There are separate types of wings for both the Asmodians and the Elyos and getting them as soon as possible is often the go-to for the majority of players.


Another aspect of the game that’s unique for each faction is the main storyline, o simply campaign. Of course, both of them are interconnected at some points, but the whole idea is to make the differences between the two races something more than just their looks.


Even if you manage to get to level 80 all by yourself (which would take some time for sure), you’re still not set up for success yet. Gear has always been extremely important in Aion and it still remains true. Getting proper equipment that’ll allow you to be competitive in PvP is an even more difficult challenge than hitting the level cap.  


Getting enough experience and gear in MMORPGs can often be quite exhausting. Especially if you struggle with finding a legion or people to play with in general, you might get bored with the early game. You don’t have to spend a long time leveling new characters to finally play what you want to play. Buying an account at MMOAuctions is much easier and more convenient method!


When choosing an account you can look at every factor that you want. Some of them are the number of strong characters, their professions, amount of Abyss Points as well as gear and Kinah (the main in-game currency). If you find an account with multiple different characters, you’ll be able to try multiple Aion playstyles without having to grind. The current level cap is 80 and you might be even able to find an account with eight maxed out ones. Remember to make sure that the account is registered at the server that’s optimal for you.


Some accounts for sale can have some of the strongest items in the game, such as Hyperion armor sets and Hyperion weapons. If you don’t like the appearance of some of the characters, nothing is lost. You can change it with Siel’s Timepiece.


Gathering level after level might be not only monotonous but also difficult. A huge part of Aion community is very nice and helpful, but you’ll also find some that abuse the open PvP system to treat the whole world as their arena and repeatedly kill players who are just trying to progress peacefully. You can easily battle them with a powerful, bought account!


Get yourself any class you want out of the list: Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Templar, Gladiator, Ranger, Assassin, Chanter, Cleric, Songweaver, Gunslinger, Aethertech. You can pick an Asmo or Elyos char, even with legendary gear! Buy from the best sellers to trade securely and guranatee that you receive your accounts super quickly.