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Aion Accounts

Are you looking for Aion Account for sale? In Aion players must choose between two races/factions (the Asmodians and the Elyos). Then there are 6 basic classes and 11 primary classes in Aion. To find the best Aion Account for sale use MMOAuctions search feature! The best website if you want to  Class change is made upon reaching Level 10. Examples of classes that can be chosen in Aion are: Warrior (close combat basic class) which can be turned into Gladiator (AoE close combat primary class) and Templar (tanking DPS primary class). Mages (four elements magic basic class) can be turned into Sorcerer (primary crowd control class) and Spiritmaster (summoner with debuffs primary class). Aion Accounts for all classes can be put for sale here, on MMOAuctions!