Arcane Legends Gold

Arcane Legends Gold - don’t' let your Warrior run out of it

Arcane Legends Gold runs the lives of all the players in the lands of Widmoore. There are various ways to earn gold in this game: completing quests of the storyline, farm items, and sell them for high amounts of gold or completing dungeons while fighting with monsters. 

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In Arcane Legends there are 4 main currencies. The first of them is Gold. This is the gold-colored coin in your inventory. You can trade gold, sell an item for gold, buy an item with gold, and even buy gold itself for platinum. Platinum is real-life money brought currency. This is the most valued currency as you can buy a lot of things but is not tradeable. Hauntlet Coins: these can be earnt by completing the upper hauntlet within a set time of 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Also untradeable. And the 4th one: Story tokens. These can be earnt by completing the daily Bard's story quests. If you are interested in Arcane Legends Gold for sale check MMOAuctions where you can sell/buy your Arcane Legends gold! As we said before, it is safe thanks to our Scam Killer - a feature that allows you to check the trader and prevent any scam!