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Battlefield 1 Accounts

The leveling system in Battlefield 1 might be a little confusing to some inexperienced players but it's actually very simple when you learn how it works. There are two main issues to worry about: overall rank and leveling up your class. Need high level BattleField 1 account? Check MMOAuctions! Like most other FPS games, better weapons and gear are locked until proper level. In the case of BF1, these unlocks are actually behind class levels which are separate from your overall level. In order to level up your class you must keep using the same class and scoring points with that class. Your overall BattleField 1 Account rank means nothing in relation to your class and it will not help you unlock other weapons. Need an BF1 account with unlocked weapons? Check MMOAuctions for BattleField 1 Account offers!