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Battlefield 1 War Bonds

The Battlefield 1 War Bonds are the currency you get for playing Multiplayer in Battlefield 1. Now Battlefield 1 War Bond are available on MMOAuctions! These Battlefield 1 War Bonds are earned every time your rank is going up. Once you've earned some Battlefield 1 War Bonds, you can then spend them to buy new guns for your Classes. Most guns average price is 250 War Bonds. Some will be cheaper, and the odd ones are more expensive. Once bought, you will permanently have that weapon available. You start with 90 War Bonds for every level up, but that number will increase into the hundreds as you get higher and higher in levels. There does not seem to be a cap to leveling up, however there are a limited amount of guns, so eventually you'll have purchased everything and have no need for more War Bonds. Check MMOAuctions for Battlefield 1 War Bonds!