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Join the ranks of powerful heroes as they are on quests to save the world of Nevareth from its foresaw destruction in Cabal Online. Now available on MMOAuctions! In Cabal you can choose from one of seven classes and make use of pestilent combos to survive in a world full of unique and often hostile creatures. Make yourself stronger by mastering your skills through training and constant use. Join Nation Wars and participate in massive battles for the good of your chosen faction. Watch your back as you journey through a brutal world where duels, ambushes, and knives in the back are an everyday part of life. Cabal online is featuring custom character builds, which allows you to allocate stats and skill points by your choice, many varied environments, many ways to fight, skill combos, seven varied classes and cool, K-rock background music. Looking for Cabal Online account? Check MMOAuctions for offers from all around the world!