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Looking for Cabal Online Accounts? Experience is a basic feature in every RPG game. Cabal Online is no exception. In Cabal Online it goes crazy because there are 6 types of experience and also 2 other parameters which works like experience. Tired of getting your character leveled? Check MMOAuctions for Cabal Online accounts! First one is Experience (EXP) - regular experience, which is gained by attacking monsters, due to EXP level of your character goes up. The more damage you hit the monster for, the more EXP you will gain. Second one - Skill Experience (Skill EXP) - its gained for using skills, no matter what skill you use, you gain the same amount of Skill EXP. Then we have Ability Experience (AXP), Pet Experience (Pet EXP), War Experience (WEXP) and Crafting Experience (Craft EXP). But the most common and basic in Cabal is EXP - experience which is advancing your character to new levels. It is gained for each hit of enemy and its proportional to the damage you do. Check MMOAuctions for Cabal Online accounts with characters you desire!