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An exciting free-to-play MMORPG is placed in a fantasy realm where you can grow your characters in different ways. In Cronous, you will find a great variety of over 100 different quest types and a personalized gameplay system that adjusts to each player’s strategy.

Cronous at MMOAuctions

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How to get the best of Cronous

This is an action MMORPG that resembles a little bit of the Diablo saga, In this fantasy world you have to take all kinds of monsters to gain EXP, You can also get into quests, and develop your character with an insane amount of personalization. 

Among the critical features of Cronous, we can find dynamic battles, different kinds of magic abilities, 3D sound whenever you turn the camera, very creative level design, and various types of monsters with a dynamic AI.

Cronous has non-linear storytelling that makes the game experience unique for each player, that means, even if the game has more than 100 different types of quests, you do not have to take them all to progress. There are also many hidden quests and stories within the game. You can unlock those by solving other quests or finding the right NPC on your map.

Cronous has a vast in-game world filled with items, quests, characters, and a lot of activities to take by yourself or with a group of friends.