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Cronous Cro

Cro is game currency in Cronous. Now available on MMOAuctions! As the number of cros will grow, the change of cro system of gold, silver and bronze will lighten your inventory and trade abilities. This cro is dropped from field in different amount. There are 3 types to cros; gold, silver and bronze. One bronze equal to one cro. One hundred bronze will turn into one silver and one hundred of silver will grow into one golden cro. As you progress through the game the bigger amounts of cro will be needed to keep your character's equipment up to date. Wondering where to search for newest offers with cro? It's simple - MMOAuctions! Check the latest offers from traders all around the world! Keep yourself safe using MMOAuction's special feature - Scamkiller! Simply put trader's data into it and check if he is trustworthy!