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Cronous Cro

When playing Cronous, the main currency you will find is called Cro. You can increase the amount of Cro you have by different kinds of drops in-field. Generally speaking, there are three types of Cro: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. To progress at Cronous, you will need bigger and bigger amounts of Cro each time, but you will also be able to get more Cro as you grow your level. 

Of course, if you want to improve faster, you will need more significant amounts of Cro, and if that is your case, well, then you seem to have come to the right place.

Cro on MMOAuctions

MMOAuctions is the ideal place to get Cro because it is one of the largest gaming communities where all kinds of people can trade one-to-one, all types of game-related stuff. It means not only from Cronous, but almost 200 different games, including the most downloaded browser MMORPGs, as the most popular strategy, puzzles, shooters, and much more.

This is a place by gamers and for gamers, where you can freely trade your virtual items with whoever you decide to! There are no fees and no middlemen involved, just players doing business with each other.

To become part of this community and start trading your in-game goodies is easy! All you have to do is create a new account at MMOauctions and set up your preferred payment method. That’s it! Now you are ready to browse the thousands of listings we have available for almost any game you’re into.

We ll love games, but no one likes to be played with, that’s why we develop blocks and systems that allow you to dive deep into your business partners’ profiles so you can be sure no shade stuff will interfere in your way.

Safety tools on MMOAuctions

Get to know your two best friends: Our Feedback System, and Scam Killer.

Use the Feedback system to check your vendor behavior on previous interactions. If they’re up to some shady stuff, you will find out here. When your transaction gets completed, take a couple of minutes to rank and evaluate your partner! That way, any future buyer can know beforehand if they are worthy.

But our best suggestions are: Do not hesitate to use Scam Killer! A Powerful database that stores information from thousands of trading sites across the internet, and gets updated constantly. All you have to do is type in the email address or Skype ID of any trader you have doubts about, and if they have been sailing through the dark side, Scam Killer will find out.

The better easier way to get Cro

So if you are short on Cro, or in any other currency at your favorite game, and do not want to spend the next 4 hours slaying the same monster again and again, then you should take a good look at all the different offers MMOAuctions has for you, chances are, someone somewhere is selling the exact item you need to get the most of Cronous or any other game.