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Cronous Accounts

Cronous is a game based on a level system combined with a skill system. A player attacks monsters and accumulates EXP by solving various quests. Accumulated EXP is reflected in the player’s level and he can use a special item according to the level, or he can use skills that others can’t use. Also he can use various skills by his own special combination. Players can learn up to 30 kinds of skill per character. Cronous combines skill use with leveling into the Flexible Growth System. As you advance, you grow stronger and more specialized! Looking for a Cronous account? You are, my friend, in a correct place! On MMOAuctions you are able to search through thousands of Cronous Accounts offers from traders all around the world. Simply type what you need in our searching feature and check if anyone is selling what you want! Always remember to check the trader on our special feature - Scamkiller!