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Cronous Power Leveling

Cronous is an MMORPG where you accumulate experience by slaying all kinds of monsters and solving quests. The experience you accumulate levels you up, and according to your power level, you can use different special items, and even combine them. At Cronous you have a dynamic battle experience and different kinds of magic and spells, the game also has 3D audio, creative level design, and various types of monsters to kill. The game is free-to-play, and you can trade goods with other players using virtual currency, or directly from the in-game shops using real money.

Cronous has dozens of quests that have to be solved in order to progress in the game, but also has some optional quests and a lot of hidden ones. You can come across different NPCs and storylines depending on the quests you take. 

To level up your character, you will need to Grow Items, which increase your skills and adapt to your particular way of playing. Your character has three growth weapons that also can grow differently depending on the way you use them. These weapons can be transformed to help you succeed in combat by increasing your stats for one hour and then need to recharge for the next 24 hours. When you get one of these weapons to level 30+, You can also create your customized growth weapons. 

Within the world of Cronous, you will find different character classes:

  • Fighters. A support class with different enhancing skills.
  • Valkyries. The only class that uses range weapons. They move faster than any other class.
  • Magicians. They are known for their Area of effect magic damage, and they have a unique Teleportation skill that you can learn only when you reach level 30.
  • Savages. This is a melee-focused class that can make great support when partying with others.

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