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Crystal Saga Accounts

Looking for the best Crystal Saga Accounts deals? In Crystal Saga leveling up is a hard task to complete. There are a lot of ways to level up in the game. You can do quest which is fairly simple. There is a list of quests you can do which you can see by pressing T key and then pressing 'available' tab. From level 30 you can do daily hunt quests, accepted from one of the Starglade Gate Guards by the portal to Windshear Peaks. By pressing "." you go into afk mode. It makes your character fight automatically so it will gain EXP points and gather some items and equipment. The higher level you are the harder it will be to gain next level. To level up you can also use torches by simply standing close to them. Tired of grinding your character to the max? Check MMOAuctions for the latest offers with Crystal Saga accounts from traders all around the world!