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Crystal Saga Gold

Crystal Saga Gold system is pretty much the same as in other popular MMO games, which is Gold system. 1 gold is divided into 100 silver. And 1 silver makes 100 copper. Also 100 gold can make you 1 platinum. Have you been struggling cause you can't afford anything you need? Like potions, magic dust, or other upgrades? Level 30+ is perfect to farm your gold, but before you reach that level, you can pick up all loot dropped from monsters and then vendor it at NPC shop. At level 30 you can open up a shop and put there up to 12 items. Check the market. If you can find offers with cheap items, simply resell them. That would be the most decent way to obtain the gold. Looking for Crystal Saga Gold? Check MMOAuctions for the latest offers from all around the world!