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Crystal Saga Items

Check the best Crystal Saga Items. In Crystal Saga there are plenty of items that your character can wear. You have 15 slots, each dedicated for other type of equipment. From level 20 you are enabled to wear wings in predestined slot. You can wear hat and coat. There are also insignias, banners and sperions. From among regular equipment you can type: helmet, armor, gloves, boots, weapon, offhand, neckleace, ring and mount. Not all equipment is created equally. Each piece of equipment has it's grade and quality. Grades divide into normal, outstanding, magic, pristine and epic. Qualities divide into poor, fair, ordinary, good, outstanding. All of them determines if an item has an additional bonuses, depending on qualities' and grade's tier. Looking for Crystal Saga equipment? Look for Crytal Saga Items on MMOAuctions, the largest website with trading offers from gamers all around the world!