Defiance Scrip

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Defiance Scrip in Defiance

Defiance Scrip is the main currency in Defiance. There are 21 different currencies in Defiance which makes the economy system very unique. Each of them is being obtained in different way and has a different purpose. Among all of the currencies you can find: 7th legion reputation, ark salvage, ark spike battery, arkforge, bits, caeruleum cores, chimera reputation, chip puller, defiant few reputation, echelon reputation, hunter requisition, keycodes, loyalty, paradise territory reputation, Defiance Scrip, sillicon shards, soleptor enterprises reputation, tarr family reputation, thorn liro reputation, top-notch toolworks and von bach industries reputation. Some of them are limited to 1000 units and some of them are aquireable only in game webshop for real currencies. Looking for a Defiance account with treasures collected on them? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the latest Defiance Scrip offers from players and traders all around the world!