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The best tabletop RPG from the comfort of your home!

With over 40 years of storytelling experience, the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online is vast and rich, full of amazing characters, monsters, and a classic combat system. You’ll start in the beautiful land of Eberron, known for its dark steam-punked inspired cities and characters.

With over 13 playable classes an eight different to play races, the role-playing possibilities are endless. The game is constantly patched and taken care of, releasing new content almost yearly. And while some of it is hidden behind a paywall, the F2P content is still huge. But like its table-top counterpart, the leveling system could use a bit of help. While the level cap at 30 may not seem as hard to grind to, the exp rate asked can be ridiculous. And like every D&D adventure, platinum and gold are hard to get by at the beginning of the game, meaning no access to the best gear and tools available. 

Don’t let these minor issues drive you away from a fantastic experience; the dungeon design has aged like a fine wine. And everything is easily circumvented with a little outside help. If you don’t want to grind hours and hours to play those great dungeons or just need some early game boosts, you have come to the right place!

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Eberron awaits you!

Fight classic D&D monsters from the comfort of your own home! Be it goblins, ogres, the titular Dragons, or the epic plane defining Beholders! While it's easy to get into, there is nothing better than playing with friends. But don’t grind out, get yourselves some boost trading in MMO Auctions!