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Dungeons and Dragons Online Power Leveling

From the creators of the best-known tabletop RPG

D&D Online is a whole new experience of MMORPG goodness that refreshes the pen-to-paper classic by overhauling the combat system. While it retains some of the features of its tabletop version, it dishes away the turn system for real-time combat. The class and race system remains unchanged, with every class and race offering different career paths and stat buffs. 

What is genuinely marvelous about D&D Online is that it manages to capture the feel of a traditional D&D campaign and party. The dungeon design is superb, giving you many ways to go about puzzles and encounters. Everything sounds amazing! But there’s a catch; the grind is hard. The level 20 cap, while small, its no easy task to reach. And with many classes to try, and races to play, getting the most out of this fantastic game is tough.

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